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Solar Solution Consultancy Web Design

Written by
Johnny Lam
Published on
May 2023


The work-client is a solar solution specialist based in Germany, differ from traditional solar providers, they utilize a digital platform for solar analysis. And instead of being a contractor or installation only, they offer verified partners to provide the best solution to solar clients.


As the consultancy scale, a new website is in need. To better reflect their specialties as a platform. Targeting both real estate industry, companies, as well as solar installers. A holistic website that function and segment targeted visitors and provides a dedicated sales journey, while elevating visuals and perceived value are priorities.


An overall tone of professional dark slate color contrasting the generous white space is adopted, along side the with accented brand color. The website follows a straight but meticulous sales journey, with multiple CTA and objection handling sections to minimize bounce. A scalable layout alongside blog CMS is used in conjunction to ensure scalability and easy maintenance.


Client is happy, and expecting a much-improved conversion rate and an increase in perceived value. The company tech-model advantages are well communicated and funnel targets into trying the solar return calculator as lead generation.

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