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Merchant of Record SaaS Rebranding

Written by
Johnny Lam
Published on
May 2023


A startup based in Germany is on the journey to compete with industry giants such as Strip and Paddle, as a merchant of record provider.


As the consultancy scale, a new website is in need. To better reflect their specialties as a platform. Targeting both real estate industry, companies, as well as solar installers. A holistic website that function and segment targeted visitors and provides a dedicated sales journey, while elevating visuals and perceived value are priorities.


Striking between a balance of innovative and reliable established motifs, the geometric type-driven logo is created. With the use of a digital-first gradient color scheme and an array of marketing assets, the brand is ready to continue iterating the MVP and proceed with a more confident outreach and digital presence.


As a result of the brand identity, a design system is also created for the product team to build and align the product UI with the overall brand. The marketing effort has go forward with the brand value and core offer being visualised at the same time.

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